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September 02 to 05, 2022

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Cipa Fiera Milano

Reatech 2019 will introduce new accessibility solutions, sporting attractions and an adapted home with guided tours

11 de junho de 2019
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Main sector fair in Latin America is in its 16th edition and expects to receive 52 thousand visitors in four days of event

São Paulo, June 2019 – The 16th Reatech – International Fair of Technologies for Rehabilitation, Inclusion and Accessibility, which will open on June 13 and continue until Sunday at São Paulo Expo, brings many innovations and innovations in the sector of orthoses, prostheses and special materials (OPME). Thanks to technological developments and increasing concern about social responsibility, the industry is growing. During the event, professionals and the visiting public will have the opportunity to know the advances and challenges of this market through workshops and lectures with specialists from various areas and also in the exhibition area, which will bring together 300 exhibiting brands.

Organized by Cipa Fiera Milano, Reatech is the main sector fair in Latin America and should receive 52 thousand visitors, in the four days of the event.

The demand for OPME generated the appearance of more competition in the sector. According to GTT Healthcare, a company specializing in self-identification technologies for the health sector, there are now in Brazil around 3,600 companies operating between manufacturers, importers and distributors.

Check out some Reatech 2019 attractions:

Concept House: visitors will know the difficulties of those who have mobility

During the four-day event, visitors will be able to know in detail a house adapted for people with reduced mobility. Idealized by Direct Rubber, the house will be in the company’s stand and will offer guided tours every day. The idea is to “provoke” the participants, to instigate the importance of accessibility in the spaces and to show how indispensable are some possibilities that can change people’s lives.

The space, created by the accessibility architect Gabriella Zubelli, is composed of six environments and will show the possible barriers that people with reduced mobility find and their respective adaptations. The visitor will also have the opportunity to experience spaces in an inclusive and sensorial way. With blindfold or in a wheelchair the person will be guided by the house, having the experience of feeling the difficulties encountered by those who have some type of disability.

ADD Space – Arena Sports will have 32 hours of uninterrupted activities and invites world record-breaking Paralympians

To show the work of the Sports Association for the Disabled, a multi-sports court will be installed in the Reatech pavilion and visitors will be able to participate in the activities. They will be amateur championships to stimulate a more human contact with the reality of the sport for the disabled.

Without breaks, there will be 32 hours of activities during the days of the fair, with a varied schedule. In addition to the participation of the public, there will be professional tournaments of Wheelchair Basketball and Sitting Volleyball. The tournaments will be attended by athletes of the Brazilian National Team.

Paralympic athletes will also be present at the Arena: Rio 2016 Athletics medalists Alan Fonteles, Odair Silva Yeltisen Jackes and Tamiru Damasi, and Basketball Gelson Junior, Pedro Vieira, Rodrigo Aaron, Glebe Candido, Amauri Viana and Nilton Pessoa. Paralympic swimmer and world record holder Daniel Dias also confirmed his presence.

KIT FREE – Sports equipment company for disabled people will promote RadCross championship with obstacles for amateurs and professionals

A competition to stimulate challenges and find potential athletes. The RadCross championship for wheelchair users will be held during Reatech, in a space organized by the company FREE, specializing in assistive equipment.

The RadCross is a bike-like mode, with the difference being with wheelchairs. The championship is an offer of the Free Kit, a motorized equipment that has the function of transforming the wheelchair into an Electric Motorized Tricycle.

During the circuit, the dispute will always be between two participants. Beat the best time. The proposal is to stimulate the outreach perspective that the competitor wants to achieve. There will be two amateur tournaments and one professional. Entries are only open for amateur tournaments here. On the website, interested parties also find the rules of the competition.

Parallel Activities

Pet Training and Equine Therapy Workshop – news on the treatment of people with disabilities with the use of animals

Studies of the American Cardiology American Journal have shown that living with animals helps control stress, lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems. It is in this aspect that the workshop of Equoterapia and the Pet Therapy Course will offer 100 places each, for professionals who want to expand the knowledge in a revolutionary area. Professionals will bring the news in equine therapy legislation, recognized by the Federal Council of Medicine. The Pet Therapy Course is introductory and incorporates human and animal interaction into a formal therapeutic process guided by professionals with specific objectives.

Reackathon looks for innovations for accessibility in large centers

During Reatech, an unprecedented competition, open to developers, designers and all people with an innovative idea, will revolutionize the vision of democratization of spaces. There will be a marathon focused on accessibility solutions with certificates of participation, dissemination in the media of the event, and highlighting the most innovative. The intention is to seek proposals that can make a difference in the quality of life of thousands of people around the world.

Seminars and Congresses

Reatech will also provide the opportunity for professionals in the field to expand their portfolios and contribute to inclusion, health, and rehabilitation-related discussions. The Reasem, Seminar on Rehabilitation and Inclusion Technology, will discuss disruptive technologies, enabling communication, movement and results in patient rehabilitation. The Reamed, Congress of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, seeks innovative treatments for pain and effectiveness in results. Professionals of the area will discuss advanced techniques for the treatment of injuries in Tecfisio, Seminar of Advanced Technologies in Physiotherapy. The Reashow, Exhibitors’ Seminar, will provide the public with access to technical knowledge, new technologies and business opportunities.

Exhibitor News

More Autonomy launches intelligence and artificial vision device to help blind or low vision people

The world’s most advanced wearable technological innovation: the OrCam MyEye, an artificial intelligence and vision device that provides more independence to blind or low vision people. The intuitive smart camera attached to the frame

of glasses reads the information available in a practical, easy and instant way on any surface from near or far. It also plays audio to the user’s ear. The device also identifies colors, shades, recognizes people and genres, informs date and time, identifies banknotes of money and products by bar code. The company will also participate in the Casa Conceito project.

Civiam Brazil launches bracelet to help the mobility of blind and low vision people

The Sunu Band, a bracelet that informs nearby obstacles by vibrating feedback, uses radar technology and augmented reality to give more freedom and autonomy to blind and low vision people. It is complementary to the use of cane and guide dog assistance.

TiX launches pioneering accessibility plan template

The startup mineira, TiX Tecnologia Assistiva, developer of solutions for digital accessibility and communication of people with motor and speech disabilities, will launch the pioneering model of accessibility plan, with monthly payment starting at R $ 165.00. The packages draw attention to the custom solutions created to meet the

needs of each user. The customer contracts accessibility as a service instead of product, democratizing access and bringing immediate benefit to clients without compromising the family budget. Visitors to the fair will be able to try the products at the TiX stand, such as the Smart Keyboard, and hire the plans on time, with no membership fee and loyalty.



16th Reatech 2019

Date: June 13 and 14 – 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. 15 and 16 June – 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Venue: São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center www.https: //


About Cipa Fiera Milano

Cipa Fiera Milano, a Brazilian branch of Fiera Milano, one of the biggest fairs and congresses in the world attracting approximately 30 thousand exhibitors and more than five million visitors each year, became the majority shareholder of Cipa do Brasil in 2011, giving rise to Cipa Fiera Milano. In Brazil, nine fairs are held that represent the most diverse segments of the economy, such as security, clean and sustainable energies, pipes and fittings, cables and wires, occupational health, surface treatment, frames, rehabilitation technologies, inclusion and accessibility, among others. Among the main brands in the portfolio are Exposec, Fisp, Fesqua, Ebrats, Ecoenergy and Reatech.


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