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16th Reatech opens in São Paulo and brings the innovations of the accessibility market

14 de junho de 2019
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São Paulo, June 2019 – The 16th Reatech – International Fair of Technologies in Rehabilitation, Inclusion and Accessibility, the largest Latin American fair of the accessibility market, was opened to the public this Thursday (13th) at the São Paulo Expo. The innovations aimed at improving the quality of life of people with disabilities or reduced mobility are being presented by the 300 exhibitors working in various segments such as employment agencies, financial institutions, manufacturers of wheelchairs and hearing aids, pharmaceutical industries, animal service trained, adapted vehicles, alternative therapies and tourism and leisure. The event goes on until Sunday and should receive 52 thousand visitors.

At the opening ceremony, Rimantas Sipas, commercial director of Cipa Fiera Milano, organizer and promoter of the fair, highlighted the importance of the event. “We feel absolutely motivated to deliver, with each new edition, a fair full of products, services and attractions parallel. It’s really a privilege for us at Cipa Fiera Milano. ” Sipas highlighted the realization of Reackathon, a marathon focused on accessibility solutions. “Reackathon is one of the novelties of this edition, which will stimulate the development of innovative technological solutions for the sector. It is a great bet and shows that Reatech keeps in tune with the new times, “said the executive.

Robert Tripoli, Director of International Development at Fiera Milano, who came from Italy exclusively for the fair, was impressed by the segment in Brazil. “Thanks to the technological evolution and the increasing concern with social responsibility, the sector has been registering growth in Brazil. To get an idea, today about 3,600 companies are operating, between manufacturers, importers and distributors, “he recalled.

Representing the National Secretary for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities at the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights (MMFDH), Priscilla Roberta Gaspar de Oliveira, Paulo Roberto Amaral Vieira, director of the Department of Thematic Policies for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, spoke of the importance of the public power partnership with initiatives with Reatech. “It is fundamental that the private sector bet on an event that comes to promote the accessibility and empowerment of people with disabilities.”

Eduardo Carneiro, Executive Secretary of the Secretariat of State for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in São Paulo, representing the secretary Célia Leão, said that it is necessary to encourage more events such as Reatech. “I like to call the rehabilitation industry sector, because it brings the citizen back where he should always be, in the conviviality with society.”

Cid Torquato, who represented Mayor Bruno Covas, recalled that São Paulo City Hall has a booth at the fair where it will hold discussions on public policies for people with disabilities.

Test with adapted cars

Even experienced people have been surprised with the adapted cars that are in Reatech 2019, that goes until Sunday (16) in the São Paulo Expo. Toyota, Renault and General Motors have made available some of their models to test drive during the fair.

For Luís Carlos Pereira Santos, a 41-year-old clothing salesman, riding a tailored vehicle was a rewarding experience. “Too good. Accessibility is total. I felt very comfortable and safe, “he said.

Former owner of a Monza Classic also adapted, the wheelchair refuses to make a comparison between the two vehicles. “The hand throttle, the push-button start and the push-button brake offer much more comfort for those who, like me, have some limitations.” Santos also praised the adapted GM Spin that offers the possibility of boarding the wheelchair without disassembling it.

Clínica Gati presents animal assisted therapy

With a multidisciplinary team, the Gati Clinic of Equine Therapy shows at Reatech 2019 Pet Therapy assisted by animals. Called “fazendinha” at the fair, the booth brings together some of the animals used in the service. Rabbits, calopsita, turtle, dogs that are used to assist in the care of children with learning difficulties or who need rehabilitation.

According to the coordinator of Gati, Júlia Ramos, the intention is to make the visitors have the opportunity to keep in contact with the animals. “They’re part of the job. When we receive a new patient, an analysis is made to determine which animal and what the goals for its use in therapy, “he explains. “It is a differentiated care, valuing the individuality and the demand of each clinical case”.

Júlia explains that Pet Therapy is a therapeutic method that uses a specific animal as a mediator in the therapeutic process. “For example, assisted therapy with dogs, where the professional and the animal act directly in the affectivity and situations

Júlia explains that Pet Therapy is a therapeutic method that uses a specific animal as a mediator in the therapeutic process. “For example, assisted therapy with dogs, where the professional and the animal act directly in the affectivity and in the relational and conflicting situations of the patient.”

HandTalk, the app that translates Portuguese (and soon, also English) into sign language

Thanks to an application, a mother in Pará learned to say “I love you” to her daughter, hearing impaired.

In Alagoas, through the app, a doctor noticed that what happened with a 13-year-old girl was serious and sent her for exams. An intracranial bleeding was detected and, with due treatment, the child, also hearing impaired, left the hospital happy and without sequelae.

These are just a few – gracious and dramatic – examples of the usefulness of the HandTalk app and what it can do to facilitate communication between those who know and those who do not know the Brazilian Sign Language (Pounds). Who was in the Reatech – International Fair of Technologies in Rehabilitation, Inclusion and Accessibility held on Thursday (13) to speak more about it was João Vitor Bogas, marketing coordinator of the company responsible.

“Hearing impairment is invisible because this community does not use walking sticks or wheelchairs. And this is just the beginning of the problem: being visible to conquer your space, “he said. “There are 360 ​​million hearing impaired in the world, and 9.7 million in Brazil. The majority, 80%, are illiterate or semi-literate, that is, it depends on the language of the signals to communicate “.

With HandTalk, available for free for smartphones, the user writes or dictates his message and Hugo, a 3D mascot and virtual interpreter of the app, translates it to Libras – from there it is only to show the screen of the mobile to his interlocutor. You can also learn Pounds through app videos.

The company has other solutions as a software to make websites accessible – with a click, Hugo appears and translates the selected text. The biggest news though, is that next year its main app will reach the United States. With Google support, it is being adapted for the American Sign Language.

With several Paralympic activities and athletes, Reatech wants to boost the adapted sport

For the 12th consecutive year, Reatech – International Fair of Technologies in Rehabilitation, Inclusion and Accessibility has the ADD – Arena Sports Space. In this place, concomitantly to the fair, will be held various sports activities aimed at people with disabilities. In total, more than 32 hours of basketball, volleyball, handball and even rugby and badminton are scheduled.

The project is a partnership between Cipa Fiera Milano, organizer and promoter of the event, and the Sports Association for the Disabled (ADD). “We always invite the public to participate in the activities – including to play with professional athletes. People can come at any time during the fair that will find some action in progress, “says Eliane Miada, President of the ADD.

According to Eliane, the success of the project can be measured by the number of people who seek it and who, because of it, begin to practice physical activities. “The most important thing is this: to attract new people, regardless of the constraint they face, to the adapted sport.”

On Thursday (16), who was present was Pedro Vieira, Paralympic athlete of wheelchair basketball. He has been at Reatech since 2011 and today, at age 25, he has already won a South American championship for the Brazilian national team and participated in the Paralympics of Rio in 2016 – he was fifth. “Events like this are very important. In addition to giving visibility to paratletas, it divulges the sport to people who do not know it and it attracts more people to the practice “.

In the next few days, more athletes will appear in the ADD Arena, such as swimmer Daniel Dias (24 medals in Paralympics) and sprinter Alan Fonteles (gold in London 2012). On Sunday (16), volleyball friendly for the deaf will have Xandó, of the Silver Generation of volleyball, as coach of one of the teams.



16th Reatech 2019
Date: June 13-16
Days 13 and 14, from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.,
Days 15 and 16, from 10am to 7pm
Location: Sao Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

About Cipa Fiera Milano

Cipa Fiera Milano, a Brazilian branch of Fiera Milano, one of the biggest fairs and congresses in the world attracting approximately 30 thousand exhibitors and more than five million visitors each year, became the majority shareholder of Cipa do Brasil in 2011, giving rise to Cipa Fiera Milano. In Brazil, nine fairs are held that represent the most diverse segments of the economy, such as security, clean and sustainable energies, pipes and fittings, cables and wires, occupational health, surface treatment, frames, rehabilitation technologies, inclusion and accessibility, among others. Among the main brands in the portfolio are Exposec, Fisp, Fesqua, Ebrats, Ecoenergy and Reatech.


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