SMS actions stimulate social insertion for people with disabilities

23 de outubro de 2017
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Inclusion and rehabilitation tools for people with different types of disabilities are available in health facilities.

On the National Day of Struggle for Persons with Disabilities, celebrated on September 21, the Municipal Health Secretariat (SMS) draws attention to the services offered by the municipal network with the objective of assisting in the social inclusion of this public. According to 2010 Census data, more than 2,700 residents of the capital have some type of disability.

One of the most recent actions of the portfolio was the creation of the Sensorial Garden at the Specialized Center for Rehabilitation (CER) IV Flávio Giannotti, which works at the complex Dia Hospital Hora Certa Ipiranga Network. Created in the first half of 2017 as part of the Virada da Saúde of CRS Southeast, the space is an invitation to sensorial perception, with the cultivation of plants with different aromas, shapes and textures, such as rosemary, citronella and oregano.

The space of stimulus to the senses was well received by the local community and began to be used in various therapeutic activities. The action was so successful that there is an expectation of taking the project to other units of the network.

Another service focused on the quality of life happens at the CER II Guaianases, a reference in rehabilitation of people with visual and/or hearing disabilities residing in the region. Orientation and external mobility training is carried out in spaces that provide patients with the necessary skills to move safely and quickly in different public spaces, such as parks, shopping malls and Subway. The first group of users graduated in June 2017, after a year of training.

The cuisine is another therapeutic tool used by spaces such as NISA Milton Aldred / Technical Supervision of Capela do Socorro and CER M’Boi Mirim for the insertion of people with disabilities, as well as the Tear project, which uses weaving workshops to strengthen ties, and the Senior Dance project, which stimulates users with intellectual and motor difficulties through music. Both actions take place at CER II Santo Amaro.

The municipal health network also provides other rehabilitation services:

CER II Butanta

  • Timely Intervention Work – Integrated with the Mario Degni Hospital and Maternity, the action forwards the high-risk newborns at the time of discharge to the rehabilitation team, which initiates the intervention when necessary, doing a work of early identification of the disabilities, global stimulation and family support.

For disabled cases already installed, for RNs and children, the team is already starting rehabilitation work through multiprofessional evaluations and individual and group interventions, always with support to families. CER II Lapa also performs the same work, receiving newborns and babies from several maternity hospitals in São Paulo.

  • Prescription of orthoses for infants, children, young adults and elderly people – OPM teams (Orthoses, prostheses and Locomotion aids) carry out evaluation, prescription and supply of the following orthoses: walking sticks, crutches, walkers, orthodontic orthoses, footwear and insoles, standard wheelchairs and adapted wheelchairs, among other orthoses, aiding the rehabilitation process.

The CER II Lapa is one of the poles for the collective efforts that are happening in the city. Once a month, it carries out reassessments, prescriptions to the company agreed by SMS, evidence and deliveries of the orthoses, in an agile and resolute way.

  • Auditory Assessment – Based on the suspicion of hearing loss, CER II Butanta and CER II Lapa, in partnership with Hora Certa Lapa, perform diagnostic tests, forward to the flow of hearing aids or Cochlear Implants, if necessary, and perform auditory rehabilitation for all age groups.
  • Actions for the elderly – CER II Lapa and CER II Butantã work with the Elderly Person’s Network in the territories, both for the prevention of falls and other risks and health problems, and for rehabilitation of cases that present physical, sensory or intellectuals. There are several approaches and actions (guidance groups, workshops, body approaches, therapeutic groups, external activities, exercises, among others).

Rehabilitation Projects – CER III SANTO AMARO

  • June celebrations and Christmas Parties – Users with any type of disability participate in talk wheels and workshops to decorate parties.
  • Adult and Children’s Workshop – With the support of films, dynamics and other pedagogical materials, users and their families have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge about the deficiencies, treatments and care with the patient.
  • Project Visit to Reatech – Users of the service are taken to the International Fair of Technologies in Rehabilitation, Inclusion and Accessibility. At the annual event, visitors have a chance to learn about assistive technology news.

NISA Actions Milton Aldred / Technical Supervision of Capela do Socorro

Early Childhood Stimulation – Directed to children accompanied by their parents or caregivers aiming at the integration of care, stimulation of residual vision, besides the stimulation of the other senses, incorporating the socialization and playfulness of these children.

  • Body and cognitive practices – Focused on the elderly who present visual, auditory deficiency, cognitive difficulties and diminished body movements.

CER M’Boi Mirim

  • Walking again – Multiprofessional intervention in the process of rehabilitation of patients with different levels of lower limb amputation. To stimulate return to normal activities, patients participating in the program participate in simulating activities of daily living to assess points such as muscle strength, difficulties, fears and insecurities.

Source:  Comunicação & Cia
Date: 09/21/2017

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