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15 de janeiro de 2018 Out in the media

We are very grateful to know that we are the inspiration for projects like this, I introduce you to “SAMANTHA”, an accessible shelf developed by João Fontenelle, owner of Design4Inclusion, a company focused on the development of assistive technology projects aimed at improving the quality of other people’s lives.

Samantha Shelf

In the words of João Heitzmann Fontenelle himself:
The Samantha Shel

15 de janeiro de 2018 Out in the media

Miracle! Oh no, it’s just technology…

Oh My God, the wheelchair stood up!! For

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Inclusion and rehabilitation tools for people with different types of disabilities are available in health facilities.

On the National Day of Struggle for Persons with Disabilities, celebrated on September 21, the Municipal Health Secretariat (SMS) draws attention to the services offered by the municipal network with the objective of assisting in the social inclusion of this public. According to 2010 Census data, more than 2,700 residen

30 de agosto de 2017 Out in the media

The greatest fair of technology, rehabilitation and accessibility was held in June. Check the highlights of Reatech 2017

Text of Audrey Scheiner, Brenda Cruz and Mayra Ribeiro
Pictures of Bárbara Jorge and Murilo Cosenza

Adapted sport, last generation cars, assistive technology, motorized wheelchairs, prostheses and orthoses, hearing aids and much more was part of the huge